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Innovation Congress

Digital Planning, Building & Operations
November 30, 2023 | aspern Seestadt

Sponsored by Vienna Business Agency

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We are very pleased to welcome you to this year's Innovation Congress on November 30, where we will be looking together at the future of the construction and real estate industry.

How can circular economy be thought through from planning to operation? What opportunities do digital fabrication, prefabrication and robotics offer for the industry? And what does it take to operate cities and neighborhoods sustainably and energy-efficiently? National and international experts will provide insights into pioneering best practices and research projects. This year, we are also adding start-ups to the program that will present innovative solutions for a sustainable construction and real estate industry.

Meet around 200 decision-makers from the industry, use our networking spaces and discuss the key issues of digitalization. We also cordially invite you to our evening program with cocktails and live music, which starts at 5:30 pm.

The entire congress will be live-streamed and simultaneously translated into English on-site and online.


  • Impulses, expert panels, fireside chats and networking spaces
  • 200 participants on site and online
  • Evening event with live music, dinner and cocktails

When & where?

November 30, 2023
Admission from 09:00 | Start at 09:30

From 17:30
Networking with dinner, live music and cocktails

Christine-Touaillon-Straße 4, 1220 Wien

Innovationskongress | Digitales Planen, Bauen & Betreiben Innovationskongress | Digitales Planen, Bauen & Betreiben Innovationskongress | Digitales Planen, Bauen & Betreiben
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Main Stage Program

ab 09:00


09:30 - 09:45



Steffen Robbi, Digital Findet Stadt
Robert Grüneis, Wien 3420 aspern Development AG

09:45 - 10:40



AI in the Construction and Real Estate Industry - Constructive Intelligence
Mario Herger, Technology Trend Researcher and Author

10:40 - 10:45



Topic I: Digital Planning

Impulse I

100 % Resources - Planning and Documentation as a Cradle for the Cycles of the Built Environment
Daniela Schneider, EPEA GmbH

Impulse II

Integral Planning and Sustainable Construction - a Symbiosis
Michael Haugeneder, ATP sustain
Ursula Reiner, ATP architekten ingenieure 

Impulse III

Circular Vienna: Future Building - Opportunities & Challenges
Bernadette Luger, Stadt Wien 

Start-up pitch from the field of planning

You Have Not Thought of This Yet
Brigitte Reich, Secontrade


Discussion Forum


Daniela Schneider, Michael Haugeneder, Ursula Reiner, Bernadette Luger, and Brigitte Reich


Lunch Break

Science Corner

International Collaboration on Data-Driven Smart Buildings
Dagmar Jähnig, AEE INTEC

Iot in the Smart Building of the Future: Challenges, Opportunities and Buzzwords
Gerald Schweiger, TU Graz

Model Predictive Controls in Residential Buildings - Inevitable for Decarbonization or Incredibly Complex?
Michael Gumhalter, AEE INTEC


Topic II: Digital Building

Impulse I

Digital Toolbox for Data and Quality Management
Peter Hinterkörner, Wien 3420 aspern development
Morten Konturek, Wien 3420 aspern development

Impulse II

DFAB House
Andrei Jipa, ETH Zürich

Impulse III

Old Materials - New Values: Circular Renovation in Practice
Simone Grassauer, Sedlak

Start-up pitch from the field of building

You've Never Built Like This Before
Stefan Klanner, Schüttflix


Discussion Forum


Peter Hinterkörner, Morten Konturek, Andrei Jipa, Simone Grassauer, and Stefan Klanner



Science Corner

Artificial Intelligence for Prediction and Control in Energy Management
Jan Kurzidim, AIT


Topic III: Digital Operation

Impulse I

BIM: Building Operation Is Manageable
Lars Oberwinter, Plandata

Impulse II

Conserve Resources, Operate Smartly
Nicole Graf, Siemens
Martin Lang, Siemens

Impulse III

The Convergence: FM’s emerging role in managing risk in digitizing buildings
Lara Paemen, IFMA EMEA

Start-up pitch from the field of building operation

Yes, Your Building Can Do This Too
Simone Rongitsch, Pockethouse


Discussion Forum


Lars Oberwinter, Nicole Graf, Lara Paemen, and Simone Rongitsch

16:45 - 17:00

Summary & Outlook


Digitization Can Only Be Achieved Together
Steffen Robbi, Digital Findet Stadt

from 17:30

Evening Program


Networking with live music, dinner & cocktails
DJane  Mia Legenstein & KAI SAX (Saxophone)

Overall moderation


Gerhard Rodler, Chefredakteur Immobilienmagazin

Firepit Chats in the VIP-Room


Digitale Operation


Digitale Innovation - Cybersecurity in the Building Technology Sector
In conversation with Martin Lang, SIEMENS


Digital Planning


The Digital Twin - Design, Build, Simulate & Operate
In conversation with Mirko Warzecha, Mensch & Maschine


Digital Building


Sustainability in Construction - How Eco-Values Will Help Shape the Building Landscape in the Future
In conversation with Heinz-Michael Ruhland, NEVARIS


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Mario Herger

Author & Technology Trend Researcher

Since 2001, Mario Herger has resided in Silicon Valley, conducting research on technology trends and their impact on humans, our society, and politics. During his tenure at SAP, Herger held various roles, including software developer, development manager, technology strategist, and mentor in accelerators, where he coached start-ups. Today, he provides guidance to companies on infusing the innovative ethos of Silicon Valley into their organizations, facilitating greater innovation and early recognition of trends and tipping points, allowing them to influence these trends effectively. 

Daniela Schneider

Senior Consultant Cradle to Cradle® , EPEA GmbH

Daniela Schneider is an architect and Senior Consultant in the field of Cradle to Cradle® at EPEA GmbH - Part of Drees & Sommer in Stuttgart. Her work focuses on the development of circular overall concepts based on the Cradle to Cradle® design principle and on advising investors, clients, and planners on healthy building materials and recyclable structures. She studied architecture at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences, where she graduated in 2008. She then worked for several years as a construction and project manager in the field of sustainable buildings. In 2012, she completed her master's degree in "Architecture and Environment" at Wismar University of Applied Sciences. Currently, she is conducting part-time research at the professorship "Sustainable Construction" at the KIT Faculty of Architecture with a focus on "Circular Construction." As a DGNB auditor, she is actively involved in the DGNB expert committee "Life Cycle and Circular Construction".

Michael Haugeneder

Proxy Holder,  ATP sustain

DI Michael Haugeneder holds the responsibility for ATP Sustain, a research and specialized planning company operating within the ATP Group. He brings a wealth of expertise to his role, with qualifications as a building engineer, ÖGNI and DGNB auditor, BREEAM assessor, BREEAM in-use auditor, BREEAM AP, LEED AP, and EU Taxonomy Advisor. 

Ursula Reiner

Associate Partner & BIM Manager,  ATP architekten ingenieure

Mag.arch. Ursula Reiner earned her architecture diploma from the University of Applied Arts in Vienna in 2001. Beginning in 2012, she has been employed by ATP architekten ingenieure in Vienna, initially as a project manager and later, since 2020, as a Product Owner for BIM Development in Architecture, where she oversees BIM Management for construction projects. She is also accredited as an ÖGNI Consultant and an EU Taxonomy Advisor. Furthermore, she is currently undergoing training to become an ÖGNI auditor. 

Bernadette Luger

Head of the Resource Conservation and Sustainability Department in Construction, City of Vienna

Bernadette Luger is head of the staff unit Resource Conservation and Sustainability in Construction in the Municipal Directorate of the City of Vienna as well as of the program DoTank Circular City Vienna 2020-2030 (DTCC30), which has the task to develop, coordinate and manage measures for the implementation of a circular economy in the construction sector.  Bernadette Luger is an internationally trained architect and expert in the field of integrative urban development. After several positions in different architecture firms, she joined Urban Innovation Vienna in 2019, where she dealt with trend analyses on sustainability and innovation, strategy development and urban future issues, creating cross references between the topics of architecture, urban development and circular economy. 

Brigitte Reich

Geschäftsführerin, Secontrade GmbH

Peter Hinterkörner

Head of Planning + Quality Assurance, Wien 3420 AG

Peter Hinterkörner, architect (TU Vienna), has been working for the development company Wien 3420 aspern Development AG since 2008, currently serving as the Head of Planning + Quality Assurance. In addition to coordinating urban development planning, he formulates quality criteria for districts and construction sites, managing the quality assurance process for aspern Vienna's Urban Lakeside. His areas of expertise include sustainable construction, energy planning, and microclimate/climate adaptation.

Morten Konturek

Project Manager Geoinformation, Cartography, and Data Management, Wien 3420 AG

Morten Konturek works as a project manager specializing in geoinformation, cartography, and data management in the planning department of Wien 3420 aspern Development AG. In his role, he oversees and advances the GIS and data management domain, ensuring the optimization of data structures and workflows. Morten Konturek studied cartography and geoinformation at the University of Vienna.

Andrei Jipa

Senior Researcher, Digital Building Technologies, ETH Zürich

Andrei Jipa is a senior researcher at Digital Building Technologies, ETH Zürich. In 2022 he received his PhD from ETH for his research on 3D-printed formwork for functional concrete building components. He studied architecture at the Ion Mincu University in Bucharest, University of Sheffield, and University of Westminster. After his diploma, he founded jamD, a digital fabrication and parametric design studio based in London and taught Computational Design at the University of Westminster.

Simone Grassauer

Sustainability Coordinator, DI Wilhelm Sedlak Gmbh & CEO, SCALE GmbH

Simone Grassauer has assumed responsibility for advancing the sustainability initiatives within the construction and real estate sector at DI Wilhelm Sedlak GmbH - Sedlak Immobilien GmbH. Her primary focus is on achieving climate goals through circular economy practices, specifically in construction and renovation. She holds the title of ÖGNI consultant, serving as a strategic advisor for ÖGNI taxonomy. Additionally, starting in July of this year, she has taken on the role of managing director for the newly established consulting firm, SCALE GmbH. This company offers a unique combination of expertise in project execution, leveraging digital methods and a proprietary tool designed for BIM-based life cycle assessments. 

Stefan Klanner

Geschäftsführer, Schüttflix

Lars Oberwinter

CEO, Plandata GmbH

Lars Oberwinter serves as the managing partner of Plandata GmbH and focuses on providing expert advice and support to prominent companies in the realm of interdisciplinary BIM (Building Information Modeling) implementation and digital construction, as well as optimizing planning processes. His role encompasses a range of activities, including research, publications, teaching at universities, and delivering expert lectures. He is particularly knowledgeable in the areas of interdisciplinary construction data management, BIM implementation, interface and process optimization, and digital information management.

Nicole Graf

Trainee, Siemens

Martin Lang

Head Smart Infrastructure Solutions and Services, Siemens

Martin Lang is a specialist in business informatics with a diverse background hailing from Carinthia, Lower Austria, and Greece. Over the course of his impressive 22-year tenure at Siemens, he has played a pivotal role in taking innovative concepts to market maturity. In addition, he has co-founded start-up ventures and facilitated the acquisition of other companies. Currently, Martin Lang channels his extensive wealth of experience into the field of building technology, an area that holds significant potential for enhancing efficiency and sustainability while also exerting a notable impact on our daily lives. 

Lara Paemen

Managing Director, IFMA EMEA

Lara is the Managing Director of IFMA (International Facility Management Association) EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa). In this role, she is the link between IFMA’s HQ in Houston, Texas and IFMA’s Chapters, partners and stakeholders in the region and responsible for the EMEA strategy of IFMA. She is also a member of the IFMA EMEA Board of Directors.

Simone Rongitsch

Co-Founderin, POCKET HOUSE

Heinz-Michael Ruhland

Product Management, BIM & Lean, NEVARIS  Bausoftware GmbH

Heinz Michael Ruhland possesses over 20 years of extensive industry experience. Throughout his career, he has fulfilled various roles, including serving as a project manager in an engineering firm specializing in plant construction and automation technology. He has also held positions as the head of planning projects in the large-scale and petrochemical industries. In his capacity as an independent consultant, he has provided valuable support to companies within the construction industry, particularly in the realm of digitalization. For the past four years, he has been part of the NEVARIS team, focusing on product management, BIM (Building Information Modeling), and Lean principles. In addition to his corporate responsibilities, he is actively involved in teaching, including assignments at the University of Applied Sciences in Karlsruhe within the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering, with a specialization in "Digitalization in the Construction Industry/BIM." Mr. Ruhland is committed to furthering the field and contributes to various expert groups and regional groups within Building Smart Deutschland e.V. and Austrian Standards International. 

Mirko Warzecha

Senior BIM Consultant, Mensch & Maschine GmbH

Mirko Warzecha completed his graduation in "Geography" at the Technical University in Dresden in 2004. His journey in the realm of digitalization began in Germany. Currently, Mirko is an integral member of the BIM (Building Information Modeling) expert team at Mensch und Maschine. In his role as a Senior BIM Consultant, he possesses a wealth of practical experience in implementing BIM software and the associated methodologies in a diverse array of companies. Notably, Mirko Warzecha has shared his knowledge as a lecturer for software solutions for over 15 years, making a significant contribution to the education and training of others in this field. 

Dagmar Jähnig

Project Manager, AEE – Institut für Nachhaltige Technologien

Dagmar Jähnig serves as a project manager at AEE - Institute for Sustainable Technologies in Gleisdorf. Since 2002, she has been dedicated to the field of energy-efficient building technology. Her recent work has concentrated on digital twins for buildings and building services, along with building renovations involving heat pumps. Dagmar Jähnig is also actively engaged in the Annex 81 working group of the International Energy Agency, which focuses on data-driven smart buildings. Her contributions to this working group demonstrate her commitment to advancing innovative and sustainable approaches within the construction and energy sectors. 

Gerald Schweiger

Institute of Software Technology, Technische Universität Graz

Gerald Schweiger leads the Intelligent Systems Research Group at the Institute of Software Technology at TU Graz. He has earned a habilitation in the domain of smart energy systems, as well as two PhDs, one in energy engineering and another in social sciences. His multifaceted background and expertise likely make him a valuable contributor in the field of intelligent systems and energy-related research. 

Michael Gumhalter

Research Assistant, AEE – Institut für Nachhaltige Technologien

Michael Gumhalter completed his studies in Energy and Automation Engineering at the Vienna University of Technology in 2019. Subsequently, in 2020, he assumed the role of a research associate at AEE INTEC, where he specializes in technology development. His areas of expertise encompass the development of advanced controllers and optimization mechanisms, as well as thermal building and system simulation. Notably, he shares his knowledge in this field as a freelance lecturer at FH Burgenland. 

Jan Kurzidim

Research Engineer, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

Dr. Jan Kurzidim is a research engineer working in the research area of "Digitization and Air Conditioning in Buildings" at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. His primary focus revolves around data science, machine learning, and software development, all with the objective of optimizing buildings and thermal energy systems. As a physicist with advanced training, he leads multiple research projects and also plays an active role in the professional development and education of others in his field. 

Steffen Robbi

CEO, Digital Findet Stadt

In the context of driving the digital transformation within the construction and energy sectors to enhance resource, energy, and cost efficiency, Steffen Robbi plays a pivotal role. He is the founder and managing director of the innovation lab called "Digital Findet Stadt," which stands as Austria's largest platform dedicated to advancing digitalization in the construction and real estate industry. Before establishing Digital Findet Stadt, Steffen Robbi served as the Business Manager and Senior Engineer at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. During his tenure, he was responsible for the domain of Digital Building Technologies and played a significant role in influencing the rapid market adoption of innovative energy supply systems driven by digital business models at Cloud&Heat Technologies, a promising startup at the time. 

Gerhard Rodler

Publisher, Immobilien Magazin Verlag GmbH 

Gerhard Rodler serves as the publisher of both the print and online media platforms, "Immobilien Magazin" and "Building Times." With a dynamic entrepreneurial presence in the real estate, consulting, and education sectors, he has maintained a strong connection to the Austrian and European construction industry in a range of capacities for many years. Beginning his journalistic career in 1984 at the daily newspaper Die Presse, Gerhard Rodler's extensive experience equips him with a unique perspective and the ability to maintain a clear focus on the key aspects of contemporary economic and global events. 


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On September 15, 2022, we hosted the second Digital Findet Stadt Innovation Congress at ARIANA in Vienna. Over 20 experts guided around 150 participants, both on-site and via live streaming, demonstrating how digitization can make the entire building sector more resource-efficient in the future.

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